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  • Samsung SL 45/3000BB 2-Axis CNC Lathes
  • SL 45/3000BB

Samsung SL 45/3000BB

As a leader in producing technically advanced products, Samsung SL 45/3000BB CNC Lathe continues its growth and perseveres in producing innovative and highly functional products. In the field of CNC lathe machinery, Samsung’s latest offer is the Samsung SL 45/3000BB. The Samsung SL 45/3000BB is a high technology two-axis CNC lathe that features a highly functional design and distinct functionality.

The SL 45/3000BB’s construction is rigid. For precise and heavy duty machine use, the SL 45/3000BB includes a 45-degree slant bed and also an integrated box. The machine is also fitted with a bi-directional 10-station hydraulic turret that uses built-in turning tool pockets and a wedge clamp system. The turret rotation time is around .25seconds.

A Fanuc control that uses the Manual Guide I conversational programming drives the machine. The SL 45/3000BB weighs around 19, 800 lbs. It also includes a tool pre-set system and machine work light; also a combination of: an independent reservoir coolant system, bar feed interface, and an easy access automatic way lubrication system.

The SL 45/3000BB has a turning and facing tool size of one inch and a maximum boring bar size of 2 inches. It uses a one-piece Meehanite casting with a heavily ribbed torque tube. This design ensures that excellent vibration damping and thermal displacement is well-supported.

Pre-tensioned and double anchored ball screws help provide rigidity and minimal thermal growth. Likewise, the machine also uses an extra wide hexahedral slide way frame used to support maximum cutting. The SL 45/3000BB CNC lathe also uses a fan-cooled electrical cabinet that serves as the container of all Fanuc drive components, labelled, and so look cleanly laid out.

The machine’s movement swings to a maximum of up to 30.5 inches and a turning length of 120.3 inches. The average for the rapids on the x-axis estimates to 472 inches per minute and 590 inches per minute on the z-axis.

The SL 45/3000BB’s main spindle has a bar capacity of 4.6 inches. It uses A2-11 spindle nose, with a standard 18-inch hydraulic chuck. A 50-hp Fanuc motor drives the spindle enabling it to reach a speed of up to 1,800 RPM. The spindle torque can hold a maximum of 1,447 ft-lbs, provided that it is driven through two-speed transmission.

The SL 45/3000BB’s has a standard heavy duty coupled tailstock turret. This turret is hydraulically clamped to the wide box guide ways so that maximum machining rigidity is assured. The operation is fully programmable with 4.72 inches of quill travel and an MT #4 center.

The SL 45/3000BB also caters optional add-ons, such as side discharge chip conveyor, various sized tool handlers, or an auto operator door.

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  • Specifications

  • Swing Over Bed
  • Max Turning Diameter
  • Max Turning Length
  • Chuck
  • Spindle Nose
  • Spindle Motor
    50 hp
  • Spindle Speed
    1,200 rpm
  • Bar Capacity