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  • Samsung SL 65MC/1000 3-Axis CNC Lathes
  • SL 65MC/1000

Samsung SL 65MC/1000

The Samsung SL 65MC/1000 is the latest technological development in 3-axis CNC lathe – the very best and most solid the market has to offer at the moment – the top of the line in its category, which is already top of the line among the similar types of machinery. The SL 65MC features live tooling.

The SL 65MC/1000 is a particularly sturdy 3-axis machine, with a slant bed of 45 degrees, and it includes a fully integrated box that can get you through the most difficult, heavy-duty tasks without breaking a sweat – but it can just as well handle the most delicate and ultra high precision requirements.

The particular SL 65MC/1000 is a particularly tough 3-axis device, with a new slant bed of 45 degrees, also it includes a totally integrated box that could get you throughout the tricky, heavy-duty task without breaking a sweat – but it can equally handle one of the most delicate as well as ultra higher precision requirements.

The lathe is capable of swinging a whooping 40.6 inches over the bed, and 31.5 inches over the cross slide.

The diameter turning is 35.4 inches, while the length is 39.4 inches. As far as the rapids on the axes are concerned, those for X-axis reach 472 inches per minute, while the rapids on the Z-axis reach up to 709 inches per minute.

As you can expect, this kind of power does not come lightly, and the lathe weighs 36,400 lbs – so make sure you have the appropriate working space for it.

The main spindle is an A2-15 with a standard 24 inches hydraulic chuck, and a bar capacity of 5.5 inches. The 60 hp Fanuc motor – the most powerful used for this range of lathes from Samsung – insures a top speed of 1,200 RPM. The 3-speed transmission of the spindle torque can reach a maximum of 4,055.

The BMT85 turret is bi-directional, with 12 stations. The measurement of the turning and facing tool is of 1.25 inch, and the maximum boring bar size is 3 inches. The complete time for a rotation of the turret is a quarter of a second. The 15 hp Fanuc motor provides a live tool speed of 3,000 RPM, while the high torque live tool operations may use a 1 to 2 gear reduction.

The common equipment for your lathe is a turret paired tailstock, which can be clamped using the hydraulic technique directly onto towards wide package guide ways. This remedy has repeatedly proved to be the best possible for insuring the maximum rigidity while in operation, and therefore the maximum safety for your operator.

The stock machine, of course, has Fanuc control. Each operation can be programmed to the fullest extent with 5.91 inches of quill travel and an MT#6 center.

Another stock option for the SL 65MC/1000, which is not the general standard of the series, is the heavy duty steady rest prep kit, which is also hydraulically clamped.

The Lathe comes with a variety of other stock features, such as a work light for improving the safety, as well as a Tool Pre-Set System, and an independent reservoir of cooling agent, bar feed interface, and a very simple system that insures automatic lubrication without failure. As with all Fanuc controls, conversational programming using the Manual Guide is also available as a stock feature.

One of the most important machine options for the Samsung SL 65MC/1000 CNC Lathe is the steady rest prep kit, which is hydraulically clamped for the best stability. For the same purpose, a piece of Meehanite casting insures that vibration is dampened to the maximum, and the rigidity is insured by anchored ball screws.

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  • Specifications

  • Swing Over Bed
  • Max Turning Diameter
  • Max Turning Length
  • Chuck
  • Spindle Nose
  • Spindle Motor
    60 hp
  • Spindle Speed
    1,200 rpm
  • Bar Capacity